Welcome to Sunday Local!

Sunday Local is a show on Rhubarb Radio, a community internet radio station in Birmingham (UK).

The original team comprised Michael Grimes, Nicky Getgood and Nancy Bennie, with Cartoonist Alex Hughes interpreting the show with his pen. Sadly only Michael and Alex are left, but we’re soldiering on.

We focus on local stuff – uncovering things on blogs and through chats and visits – that mainstream media might not pick up on.

Unfortunately I’ve been pretty rubbish at maintaining this blog, so in the absence of any recent content at least I can offer you the following:


Currently much of our news is gleaned from local blogs, but in particular the great Spaghetti Gazetti. If you heard us talk about something and want to know more, there’s a good chance you’ll find it there.


We have a Google calendar containing details of (hopefully) all theĀ gigs and events that we mention on the shows. You should also be able to find them (and a lot more) on the invaluable AllBrum website.


On Flickr you can find all theĀ Sunday Local drawings by Alex Hughes, our resident cartoonist.

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